¡Viva Cuba Libre!




Day 1: Santa Clara

1. As soon as we dropped off our bags, we rushed to the Che Guevara Mausoleum before it closed. Our hard working bicycle taxi guy sent us there just in time and got sooo sweaty💦💦 because part of it was uphill. Bobby tipped him 5 dollars💵💵 although he only asked for 2 dollars. The man rejected the extra money at first and finally accepted it after Bobby insisted. He could not believe what was happening! Aw, what a nice guy!☺️☺️

Bicycle taxi in Santa Clara
Our bicycle taxi guy in Santa Clara



2. What? Free ice cream?!! Alex’s ultimate dream is finally happening!😍 Yup, we got free ice cream on our first night in Cuba!!🍦🍦 Although it was not supposed to happen…. We “successfully” annoyed the cashier by having no clue what he was talking about…Haha whoops😝.

"Free" ice cream in Santa Clara
“Free” ice cream in Santa Clara



3. Ran into a guy named “Kiki” at a burger place🍔, and went to a LGBT bar following his recommendation. 5 CUC per person every Sunday night, which was, according to him: Freaks Night!
We had so much fun!!

Night club in Santa Clara

Night club in Santa Clara

Night club in Santa Clara
The club at night


Night club in Santa Clara
The club during daytime


BTW, Bobby got hit on by a local guy, he felt very flattered. But Alex was like, what…??😳😳



4. Bobby was “attacked” by an iguana named Pancho, who petted Bobby’s head and who’s incredibly drunk owner asked for tips. Haha😂

Pancho's massage service
Pancho’s massage service

BTW, Hours later, we actually ran into Pancho and his owner again, but the man didn’t remember us. Bobby thinks Pancho remembered him though.😁


Day 2: Santa Clara – Trinidad



1. Two elementary school kids overheard us talking in English and starting shouting “fuck you” at us.😶 ….Ok. While we do agree that curse words should be some of the first words you should learn in your English class, we don’t know why they said it to us. Haha😅

2. At the bus station, Bobby finally realized he was in the wrong line to pick up our bus tickets after being pushed around and squeezed for over 20 minutes. Hilarious. Haha😂



3. Our bus to Trinidad came one hour and 20 minutes late. It was pretty cold out and we had been debating for one hour and 19 minutes about whether we should go inside and sit down due to the minor risk of missing the bus. Of course, the bus came 1 minute after we sat down, just like of course it starts raining right after you wash your car. Haha😂😂

Waiting for the bus in Santa Clara
Our “steady” faces while waiting for the bus.


Day 3: Trinidad


1. A young Cuban girl asked to take picture with Alex. Maybe Alex was just dressed so weird?😨 Oh well, it happens a lot actually. Alex is already a “professional of being asked to take picture with.” Haha😂😂

2. In a mini supermarket, an old Cuban woman asked Alex if she could buy her an ice-cream. Alex was like: What? Eh, no?!😕 Later, another Cuban woman asked for Alex’s Ginger Bread Man as a toy for her daughter. Again, Alex was like: What? Eh, no?! It’s my Ginger Bread Man!!😠

ginger bread man
My Ginger Bread Man



3. A Cuban man asked where we both were from. We said US🇺🇸 and China🇨🇳. He said we were a great “fusion”. Thank you, I guess? Haha😂😂

4. We visited a Santaria church. The main foray room had white walls and was totally empty besides a small black child doll sitting in a chair starring at anyone who entered. The priest stated that horse tail hair is sacred, symbolizing eternal life. He dipped it in holy water and scattered water at people. He also claimed that this is same practice as Russian and Peruvian Orthodox Church, and also said it was similar to the whips European Catholics use flagellation. Bobby was skeptical.

Santaria church in Trinidad
She is staring at you.


Santaria church in Trinidad
The priest



Day 4: Trinidad – Cienfuegos


1. Bobby spent over an hour in an antique store and had interesting conversations with the owner Michelle, who spoke very good English and had well thought opinions of historical and world affairs. After getting the permission of Alex😝, Bobby bought antique four pins and one knife.

Antique store in Cienfuegos
Store owner Michelle


Antiques Cienfuegos

  • Knife: pre-revolution and made from sheep foot.
  • Pin#1: pre-revolution pin for lawyers’ colleges in Havana.
  • Pin#2: given to less than two thousand soldiers, most of whom from Cienfuegos, who fought in the Bay of Pigs.
  • Pin#3: pre-revolution, showing friendly US and Cuba relationship. Possibly from WW2 with the “V” for victory.
  • Pin#4: Post-revolution, symbolizing the July 26 movement with José Antonio Echeverría who died in combat in 1957.



Day 5: Cienfuegos – Havana


1. While waiting for the bus to Havana, we talked with a friendly woman who was born in Havana but married her Canadian husband and now live in Edmonton, Alberta. Her husband is a member of a cigar smoking club that comes to Cuba often, and it was his 15th time here. Wow, there are so many ways for someone to be fancy!!😯



2. Went to see the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro gate closing cannon-shooting ceremony. It was sooooo loud that it even scared Bobby, a little, just a little…😉. Fortunately, Alex saw a kid in front covering his ears so she did the same thing. Phew, Alex’s ears were saved but not Bobby’s.😂



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