Vatican City Travel Tips

The Pilgrimage Sight for the Heart of the Catholic Church and the Original Patron of the Renaissance




How to save hours waiting for the Vatican Museum

1. There is always a super long line waiting to get in the Vatican Museum. During the peak season, the waiting time could be as long as 4 hours❗️ Most people will advise trying to line up early to reduce your waiting time, but this has become so common that there are usually more people earlier in the day than later. You’ll find a significantly smaller crowd if you go after lunch, around 1 or 2 pm. However, keep in mind that most sections close by 5 pm, so you have to balance whether you’d prefer more time with a huge crowd or less time with room to breathe.

💡💡However, there is a perfect way to solve this problem, so that you can go to the museum anytime you want during the day while skipping the line!🍀🍀 The answer is quite simple: You can simply buy the museum ticket outside the Vatican Cathedral from officials, which is the exact same amount of money. Lastly, you can also choose to buy more expensive tickets from tickets dealers, which are normally double the regular price or more.

Vatican Museum
Vatican Museum


The Court of Pigna
The Court of Pigna


Guided tour?

2. We almost never sign up for guided tours, as we prefer to go at our own pace and have the freedom to be spontaneous. Nevertheless, this is one time we suggest you consider purchasing a tour. Although pricey, the tours grant you access to all of the sights as soon as the doors open, allowing you to bypass the general admission lines. If you’re interested in a guided tour, book early as spaces are limited and they often sell to capacity.

St. Peter's Baldachin
St. Peter’s Baldachin
Masterpiece by Bernini
Masterpiece by Bernini



Don’t ignore the rule

3. Within some areas it is prohibited to take photographs (regardless of flash). Notably, you cannot take pictures within the Sistine Chapel. If you do, you may be given a warning, but you could also be escorted out of the building even on your first offense. Bobby learned this the hard way.😭


Blessings by the Pope

4. If you’re interested in having items blessed by the Pope, you have two options. 1️⃣When you purchase certain items in the gift shops, such as rosaries, you can ask the cashier to have the item blessed by the Pope. After your purchase, the store worker will hold onto the item, and bring it along with all other requested items for the day to the Pope for blessing. The item is then mailed to you, usually a week or so later.📦 Unfortunately, this option means you cannot witness the Pope actually blessing the item to ensure its authenticity. 2️⃣Alternatively, after any Wednesday Mass (free but limited admission) that the Pope conducts, any attendee may bring any item to the Pope for a blessing in person (the attendee can receive a blessing too). The line for blessings after Mass can be massive but at least this way you can be sure your item actually receives the blessing from the Pope.

The Pity
The Pity


Plan your visit ahead of time

5. The Grottoes open at 7 am, St. Peter’s dome at 8 am, the Treasury (historical and artistic museum) at 9 am, and the Vatican museums at 10 am. Entrance to the museums is not possible from 75 minutes before closing time. Check times online at

St. Peter's Square
St. Peter’s Square


Vatican city, view from the roof of Castel Sant’ Angelo
Vatican city, view from the roof of Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome


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