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Always validate your tickets

1. Always validate your metro and train tickets🎫. There are ticket validation machines on the platforms for both train and metro systems. In the occasion of buses and trams, the machines are on the vehicles. Even if you have a ticket, if it is not validated and you get checked by security it will be deemed as if you did not purchase a ticket and there will be a penalty (usually a fee dependant on how far you’re traveling). Officers are usually nice to foreigners if you explain to them that you didn’t know the rules👮; but still, it is always better to play it safe and follow the rules in any foreign country, right?😉

Milan train ticket validation machine
Milan train ticket validation machine
Berlin Metro ticket validation machine
Berlin subway ticket validation machine















Nature calls🚹🚺

2. Since there are no free restrooms in most of the European countries, it’s a good idea to always have some coins with you. Restrooms usually cost 10-20 cents Euro for a potty-time. You’ll rarely be asked to spend a whole Euro, so try to always have small coins on hand, and never travel solely with paper bills. As an aside, US chains such as McDonalds and Starbucks usually have clean bathrooms available for paying customers, or anyone who can get a hold of a recently dropped receipt😂 (codes to unlock the bathroom doors are usually printed on the receipt, and changed daily).😎 BTW, “Toilet” and “WC” are more commonly used in most of the European countries, try to use them when ask for a direction or what. Some people may have a hard time to understand if you ask about “Restroom”.

A funny sign in a public toilet in Lucerne, Switzerland.
A funny sign in a public toilet in Lucerne, Switzerland.😂


Get a coin pouch

3. In part for the restroom tip above, and just for general expenses, consider investing in a wallet/purse with a pouch or place to store coins👛. While in some countries like the United States it is becoming increasingly rare to hold onto and use coins, European countries still heavily rely on coins. Not only are there coins for Euro cents, but there are also coins for one and two Euros. Without a dedicated spot in your wallet/purse, you’ll be forced to carry a lot of loose change in your pocket which will weigh you down and make a distinct jingling noise drawing pickpockets’ attention.😳


Fight against pick-pockets✋

4. Frequent pick-pockets are an enduring, major problem for tourists in many major tourist cities in Western Europe, especially in the capitals like Berlin, Paris, Rome, and Madrid. Keep your eyes open👀 and maintain a healthy level of caution around you as you travel. Pay particular attention to any contact made with a stranger who accidently bumps into you on the street or pushes against you in a crowded metro. When in crowded areas, keep your wallet in your front pocket, preferably in a pocket with a zipper or button that can be closed. Likewise, keep purses and backpacks on your front side(I know it looks silly😣) and in your hands or within eyesight when in crowds. Pickpockets are experts and can relieve you of your items within seconds without you feeling a thing, and some will even carry knifes to cut open bags to bypass zippers and locks.😱


Public Transportation

Paris metro turnstile
Paris metro turnstile

5. Regarding public transportation, some cities don’t have check points and doors to check your tickets before getting into a car, such as the metro in Berlin, the trains in Milan and Switzerland, and buses in Rome. Some cities do have verification systems(doors), such as the metro in Paris and Milan. Even though in some cities you might be able to skip buying tickets without getting caught, it is always safer to follow the rules and pay. The fees for being caught by security👮, which will randomly board cars and check passengers’ tickets, far outweigh any avoided cost from skipping out on buying a ticket🎫. Not to mention the embarrassment of being caught in the act😳. And again, don’t forget to validate your tickets before boarding. By the way, in some cities you can get around perfectly well without any public transportation at all, such as Salzburg, Zurich, and Florence, all of which have touristy areas dense enough that you can cover them all by foot🚶👏.



Only for you, young people😎

6. Most of the cities in Europe have discounts for students under 26, so don’t forget to bring your student ID and enjoy these huge savings✌️! Unfortunately though, sometimes these discounts are only available to students studying within the Europe Union, but it’s worth asking each time. You do not necessarily have to be an EU citizen, but you may need to show proof of studying in an EU school. On a similar note, some websites offer students discounts on their flights overseas✈️, especially to European destinations.


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