Welcome aboard! Our plane is heading to Asia now!

  1. 💡The national flags at the beginning indicate where the treasure was obtained.
  2. 💡For fashion items, every treasure is brand new.
  3. 💡If not otherwise specified, each treasure only has one available in stock.
  4. 💡For fashion items, since the sizing standards of countries may vary, please kindly follow the fitting note in the description of each treasure.
  5. 💡For fashion items, the “model” in every picture is Alex. For reference, Alex is 5’4’’ and 110 pounds.
  6. 💡The actual color of the treasures may be slightly affected by the lighting in the pictures. We do our best to guarantee the least errors as possible.
  7. 💡Lastly, We are not professional photographers or models, but the pictures accurately depict our items. ☺

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Army green bat-wing sleeve toggle jacket with cushion neck


Big bowknot headband, navy blue and white stripes headband


Black & grey, White & grey faux boots tights


Black & white stripes blazer


Black & white stripes top


Black & white, Grey & black smiling bunny tights, super cute bunny tights


Black and grey kitty face tights


Black Swan dress, Black Ballerina dress with white collar


Blue campus style puff sleeves blouse


Bowknot puff sleeve top, Lake green top


Bright color playing card suits skirt


Cambodian folk fabric tote, Milky white elephant bag


Campus style Tie-dyed suspender skirt


Campus style top, milky white lace top


Campus style veil skirt and shirt, red & white cute/sexy midriff set


Casual Coattail top with lantern sleeves


Cherry blossom dress / Pink floral dress


Chinese vintage earrings


Chinese vintage metal earrings


Colorful collection, super cute hair ties


Country style spring sweater, faint yellow & green thin sweater


Country style sweater, green and sandy beige sweater


Court style ivory jacket


Court style pearl top, Lavender flared sleeve top