Here we are in Latin America! Enjoy the carnival!

  1. 💡The national flags at the beginning indicate where the treasure was obtained.
  2. 💡For fashion items, every treasure is brand new.
  3. 💡If not otherwise specified, each treasure only has one available in stock.
  4. 💡For fashion items, since the sizing standards of countries may vary, please kindly follow the fitting note in the description of each treasure.
  5. 💡For fashion items, the “model” in every picture is Alex. For reference, Alex is 5’4’’ and 110 pounds.
  6. 💡The actual color of the treasures may be slightly affected by the lighting in the pictures. We do our best to guarantee the least errors as possible.
  7. 💡Lastly, We are not professional photographers or models, but the pictures accurately depict our items. ☺

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Cuban artisan folk female figures


Cuban artisan folk turtle figures


Cuban artisan Havana special local taxi, Coco taxi figures


Cuban artisan necklace, handmade fish and turtle necklace


Cuban artisan turtle magnets


Cuban artists’ hand-drawn wooden coasters


Cuban handmade black coral bracelet


Cuban handmade bracelet/armlet, vintage fork bracelet/armlet


Cuban handmade folk bracelet


Cuban handmade hollow out dress, Bring me on a beach vacation


Cuban handmade hollow out top, Bring me on vacation


Cuban handmade metal necklace


Cuban handmade stone sun necklace


Cuban handmade tropical dress, Tie-dyed fluorescent green dress