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Black Swan dress, Black Ballerina dress with white collar


Cherry blossom dress / Pink floral dress


Cuban handmade hollow out dress, Bring me on a beach vacation


Cuban handmade tropical dress, Tie-dyed fluorescent green dress


Dazzling sky-blue Lantern sleeve dress, Cotton candy dress


Designer black & white stripes dress


Disco Panda casual one-piece / Red & white youthful and lively style


Disco Panda casual one-piece, black & white lively youth style


Elegant cherry flower dress, Pink and light grey straight dress


Floral puff sleeve dress, Country style one piece


Fondant cake dress, Mint green & cherry flower pink dress


Giraffe Party, bright rose color folk style one-piece


Japanese Modernism geometric one-piece, colorful casual/professional dress


Japanese Vintage ruby red court dress


Lily blush dress, Pink Princess puff sleeve dress


London bus Preppy one-piece, grey & purple polka dot dress with hood


Pure white lace Gala dress


Rose Pink Nurse dress, cute and tight wrap dress


Starry sky shirtdress / Blue & white star one-piece


Sunset over the ocean / Pale orange & deep blue pencil dress


Two piece cake dress, Pink & white three quarter sleeve two piece dress


White maid dress/Japanese maid style